Charlotte Hosts State NOW Conference

2019 STATE CONFERENCE – THE TIME FOR JUSTICE IS NOW There are many examples of injustice around us: women’s health being targeted, disparities in school suspensions along racial lines, women’s reports of sexual assault and harassment being discounted, treatment of migrants and immigrants, mass incarceration of minorities, underpayment for women’s work, re-segregation of our schools …

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The Women’s Wave Rocked The Vote

A message from Melba Evans, President, NOW Charlotte Tuesday November 6, 2018 was a historic day! More women ran for office in 2018 than ever before and more women won! Voters were determined more than ever to elect feminists to positions of leadership. We have ushered in the most diverse Congress in history with huge wins …

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Remarchable Organizers & Sponsors

We’d like to thank our Remarchable Organizing Committee for their countless hours of volunteer time thus far, with many more hours surely to come! The January 20th Women’s March on Charlotte anniversary event would not be possible without the tireless effort of the following fabulous women: Calla Hales, Regina Stone, Autumn Watson, Barbara Mason Van, …

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The March Continues! 11.1.17

CWM Newsletter      Volume 1  Number 15       October 30, 2017.        Thanks to Laura Meier and Kay Etheridge for organizing the Racial Justice Group’s meeting on October 12, 2017, at Warehouse 242. TOUSSAINT ROMAIN, public defender and racial justice activist, spoke to 75 participants about CommonUnity—Time to Work Together- racial …

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