The March Continues! 10.7.17

Volume 1, Number 14  October 7, 2017 Thanks to all who attended our Fall General Meeting on September 19, 2017. More than 75 members and guests heard Dr. Jessica Schorr Saxe, MD, discuss: Everybody In and Nobody Out; Health Care... Continue Reading →

The March Continues 9.14.17

Although it felt like the end of the world as we know it, the total eclipse did not change things. Instead, our President’s actions on Charlottesville and DACA show that we need to continue to stand strong in support of equality for all.... Continue Reading →

The March Continues 9.1.17

Once again I am amazed by our group! I thought we were taking the summer off but our interest groups have been hard at work making a difference. Look at all we have done and what we have planned for... Continue Reading →

Floating health care protest held outside Tillis’ lake home

Charlotte Observer,  by LaVendrick Smith.   Protesters unhappy with the Senate’s health care bill held an unusual demonstration outside North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis’ home on Lake Norman Friday. Members from the group Progress NC and North Carolina residents who support... Continue Reading →

Weekly Calls July 3

AHCA SENATE VOTE CALL YOUR SENATORS.  Trumpcare is not dead, just delayed. Call Senators Tillis and Burr and tell them you do not like the Senate version of the bill any better than the House version. ASSAULT ON BIRTH CONTROL CALL Office... Continue Reading →

Now more than ever we are fighting for what our country represents. Celebrate America!

Congratulations ALL for your part in stopping Mitch McConnell and his reprehensible Trumpcare bill. But we must be vigilant. The Senate Republicans went to the White House to discuss strategy with the president and we know it only takes a... Continue Reading →

Call Your Senators!

CALL YOUR SENATORS  Tell them: "I don't like Trumpcare." Trumpcare can be stopped if three Republican Senators stand up and say NO. You can make this happen by calling NC Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis ASAP (or if you live in SC:... Continue Reading →

Get Back on the Bus June 28th

It’s here — and it’s as bad as we thought. Thursday, U.S. Senate Republicans unveiled their health care bill, and plain and simple: this is the worst piece of legislation for women in a generation. For the past month, mostly... Continue Reading →

Saturday, June 24th at Noon!

Trade & Tryon Streets, Uptown Charlotte

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