Charlotte Women’s Movement


CHARLOTTE WOMEN’S MOVEMENT seeks to raise awareness and galvanize action on equity for all women with a focus on our local community.

WE BELIEVE informed women can be mobilized to accomplish great things.

We support:

  • Women as head of family issues
  • Women’s health and reproductive rights • Civic engagement
  • Affordable living and housing

WE BELIEVE  informed women will want to share their voices with their representatives.

We support:

  • LGBTQ rights and issues
  • Immigration advocacy

WE BELIEVE informed women should be better represented in our governing bodies.

We support:

  • Ratifying the ERA amendment in NC
  • Get Out the Vote efforts
  • Electing women to office

We started out as a march….we turned into a movement. Join us in action! To learn more about us click here. If you would like to volunteer your support in communications, social media, photography, videography, event planning, and email and website support please email us at .

Thank you to Jon Strayhorn for the use of this photo.