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Contact Your City Council Rep!

From Councilmember Julie Eiselt, a clarification regarding the email sent to CWM Members Friday, Sept 22nd: The (clinic on Latrobe Dr) topic is NOT on the City Council agenda for the Monday night council meeting. There are citizens on the... Continue Reading →

NCGA Special Session: What You Need to Know

This Friday, August 18, state lawmakers will begin a special session with the sole purpose of redistricting and redrawing North Carolina’s legislative maps. After a series of state and federal court rulings, the NCGA must redraw 28 legislative districts (nine Senate,... Continue Reading →

Charlotte Pride March August 27th

Join us next weekend to celebrate Charlotte Pride with Planned Parenthood South Atlantic! Planned Parenthood is built on the fundamental belief that each individual has a basic right to self-determination. What better way to show our support and inclusion of the local LGBTQ... Continue Reading →

Report: Abortion Restrictions Outcomes

Evaluating Priorities: Measuring Women's and Children’s Health and Well-being against Abortion Restrictions in the States- Volume II 08.01.17 - Anti-abortion politicians have quietly passed 391 laws restricting access to abortion since 2010. The politicians that push these laws often claim that they... Continue Reading →

September General Meeting

Everybody In and Nobody Out (Health Care For All) Dr. Jessica Schorr Saxe, MD Chair, Health Care Justice - NC First United Methodist Church • 501 N. Tryon St. Park in garage. Entrance on Ninth St. between Tryon St. and... Continue Reading →

2 Women Senators Are Real Mavericks

from Huff Post, by Emma Gray. McCain cast the unexpected vote, but Murkowski and Collins never wavered. Senator John McCain made headlines early Friday morning when he cast an unexpected “no” vote against the Senate GOP’s Health Care Freedom Act (a.k.a. “skinny repeal” of the Affordable... Continue Reading →

Expose Fake Clinics

CPCs target poor, underserved women. This year the NC General Assembly has budgeted more money, $1.3 million, for the so-called crisis pregnancy centers (CPC).    CPCs have been around since the 1970's as a key part of the effort to end... Continue Reading →

Floating health care protest held outside Tillis’ lake home

Charlotte Observer,  by LaVendrick Smith.   Protesters unhappy with the Senate’s health care bill held an unusual demonstration outside North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis’ home on Lake Norman Friday. Members from the group Progress NC and North Carolina residents who support... Continue Reading →

Weekly Calls July 3

AHCA SENATE VOTE CALL YOUR SENATORS.  Trumpcare is not dead, just delayed. Call Senators Tillis and Burr and tell them you do not like the Senate version of the bill any better than the House version. ASSAULT ON BIRTH CONTROL CALL Office... Continue Reading →

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