Why I March

The Difference a Year Makes 

When we marched in Washington a year ago, we had no idea. An inkling, certainly. A prescient pit in the stomach. We had, after all, lived through a brutal, brass-knuckles campaign cycle. We had watched the fissures of public debate,... Continue Reading →

Why Caroline Marches

Today I March… Today I march for you and today I march for me I march for all the things that our country should be. For my love of democracy and my desire for freedom, that means freedom for all,... Continue Reading →

Why Gina Marches

As the anniversary of the Women's March approaches, I've been asked by several people why I choose to March. My answer is always; how can YOU not march? How do we not have millions of people on the streets on... Continue Reading →

Why Mary Marches

"Harness anger and convert it into energy... keep marching forward." Mary Hopper first marched in the 1970s. Now, she's in her 70s and still marching. “I do it because I see the rights we worked so hard for being steadily... Continue Reading →

Why Jan Marches

“There were no female engineers when I first entered the work force in the  early-70’s and I got crazy looks when applying for jobs.  I had degrees from Duke, Carolina and NC State, yet I couldn’t get a credit card... Continue Reading →

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