Voter Registration

Black Women Kept Roy Moore Out of Office

Here’s How to Actually Thank Them. By Brittany Packnett  The Cut (photo courtesy Getty Images) Late on Tuesday night, America was once again reminded of the power of Black women. Thanks in large part to overwhelmingly high turnout among Black voters and... Continue Reading →

CWM Early Voting Guide

It’s not too late to REGISTER TO VOTE for the upcoming           Mecklenburg County General Election. You can register to vote AND vote during the early voting period—ONE STOP VOTING. You will NOT be able to register... Continue Reading →

Your Primary Vote is Important! Learn More about the Candidates!

With elections near, voters invited to South CLT Candidate Forum Thursday Forum features Q&A with 18 candidates for Charlotte City Council and Mayor  With Charlotte’s primary elections approaching, 13 candidates for city council and 5 candidates for mayoral posts will... Continue Reading →

Campaign Staffer Training

It's impossible to know how many great candidates would have won their election if only they'd had trained staff. Who's to say what the political landscape would look like now? This is why trained campaign staff is CRUCIAL to winning.... Continue Reading →

Democracy for Sale June 5

North Carolina — perhaps more than any other state in the Union — has been transformed by the new and growing tidal wave of political spending. Zach Galifianakis, the comic star of “The Hangover” movies, travels back to his home... Continue Reading →

Legislative Calls Week 5.14

CALL YOUR NC STATE SENATOR to FULLY & FAIRLY FUND EDUCATION It seems that the NC Senate again proved nothing good happens after midnight: At 3 a.m. on Friday May 12, NC Senate GOP strips education funding from Democrats’ districts... Continue Reading →

Inside Your (Legislative) Body

Welcome to week 9 of Inside Your Legislative Body. The NC Senate passed their budget last week and the House begins work on their budget this week. Meanwhile, we got some good news already this week from SCOTUS. Here’s the... Continue Reading →

Call to action for Union County

ACTION ALERT: IT STARTS HERE!!! To all registered Democrats in Union County- if you are looking for making a difference in the democratic party- whether it be through elected officials, NC Democratic platform or DNC chair, we need you!!! Attached... Continue Reading →

Voter Registration

Initial Meeting Notes: February 7, 2017 Summary: Items requested by the CWM leadership were reviewed: A list of relevant websites was developed and several people volunteered to monitor them and post information on the CWM FaceBook page and forward information to... Continue Reading →

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