The March Continues! 1.13.18.

CWM Newsletter      Volume 2  Number 1       January 13, 2018.        Anniversary March We made herstory one year ago, and we’ll march again on January 20, the anniversary of the Women’s March on Charlotte. We’re... Continue Reading →

The March Continues! 11.1.17

CWM Newsletter      Volume 1  Number 15       October 30, 2017.        Thanks to Laura Meier and Kay Etheridge for organizing the Racial Justice Group’s meeting on October 12, 2017, at Warehouse 242. TOUSSAINT ROMAIN, public... Continue Reading →

The March Continues! 10.7.17

Volume 1, Number 14  October 7, 2017 Thanks to all who attended our Fall General Meeting on September 19, 2017. More than 75 members and guests heard Dr. Jessica Schorr Saxe, MD, discuss: Everybody In and Nobody Out; Health Care... Continue Reading →

The March Continues 9.14.17

Although it felt like the end of the world as we know it, the total eclipse did not change things. Instead, our President’s actions on Charlottesville and DACA show that we need to continue to stand strong in support of equality for all.... Continue Reading →

The March Continues 9.1.17

Once again I am amazed by our group! I thought we were taking the summer off but our interest groups have been hard at work making a difference. Look at all we have done and what we have planned for... Continue Reading →

Now more than ever we are fighting for what our country represents. Celebrate America!

Congratulations ALL for your part in stopping Mitch McConnell and his reprehensible Trumpcare bill. But we must be vigilant. The Senate Republicans went to the White House to discuss strategy with the president and we know it only takes a... Continue Reading →

CWM Newsletter 6.11.17

WORKING FOR CHANGE   During the administration’s first 140 days, our vigilance has kept presidential action to a minimum. We stopped Trumpcare 1 and, although our removal from the Paris Climate accord is a black eye for America, our strong... Continue Reading →

CWM Newsletter 5.22.17

Staying the Course AND Moving Forward. The amount of turmoil in this administration is exhausting! We need to pace ourselves so that we can endure for 45 more months. Take some time off this summer and recharge your batteries. But... Continue Reading →

CWM Newsletter 5.7.17

Wow! What an Impressive Array of Actions! Although we had a setback this week when the House of Representatives voted for the awful Trumpcare bill, we must fight on and regard this act as revealing the heart of the GOP,... Continue Reading →

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