The Supremes

Keep the judiciary balanced and fair Cast informed votes in the November election by Mary Hopper Thanks to the incessant tinkering of the General Assembly, the judicial races have been in a perpetual state of flux. Layer on top of... Continue Reading →

Power to the (NC) Polls

by Mary Hopper. Rarely has a theme had more relevance than the call for "Power to the Polls.” Before you think, “I vote, so I have that covered," we urge you to dig deeper into what Power to the Polls... Continue Reading →

NC Courts Under Attack

Think our judges should be fair, independent, and removed from politics? Yeah, so do a vast majority of North Carolinians. Unfortunately, politicians in Raleigh think differently. Top state lawmakers are trying to gain partisan control over the courts and rig the... Continue Reading →

A Road Map to Voter Empowerment

From the Friendship Missionary Baptist Social Justice Ministry: We are nearing the end of our explosive Civics 101: Now is the Time for Action...Don't Speak About It!... Be About It! with Mr. Marcus Bass, Campaign Director, Democracy North Carolina.  Join... Continue Reading →

NCGA Special Session: What You Need to Know

This Friday, August 18, state lawmakers will begin a special session with the sole purpose of redistricting and redrawing North Carolina’s legislative maps. After a series of state and federal court rulings, the NCGA must redraw 28 legislative districts (nine Senate,... Continue Reading →

From a Sister Organization

W.E.M.A.D We are Energized to March, Act, Demonstrate Newsletter #7                                    June 7, 2017 Calendar Updates.... Monday, June 12 Our Immigrant Community: Education about... Continue Reading →

Legislative Calls Week 5.14

CALL YOUR NC STATE SENATOR to FULLY & FAIRLY FUND EDUCATION It seems that the NC Senate again proved nothing good happens after midnight: At 3 a.m. on Friday May 12, NC Senate GOP strips education funding from Democrats’ districts... Continue Reading →

Inside Your (Legislative) Body

Welcome to week 9 of Inside Your Legislative Body. The NC Senate passed their budget last week and the House begins work on their budget this week. Meanwhile, we got some good news already this week from SCOTUS. Here’s the... Continue Reading →

NC Senate Bill 554

Today is the final day that North Carolina Senators can co-sponsor Senate Bill 554, the fair redistricting bill. Please call and email your Senator now (we've made it easy) and ask them to sponsor Senate Bill 554. Why is Senate... Continue Reading →

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