Candidate Support and Voter Registration

We’re Making a Difference!

The CWM organization received the following letter from a first time political candidate: Dear CWM staff: I want to participate in the CWM organization but I teach classes at CPCC (sociology) in the evenings and can't attend most evening meetings. ... Continue Reading →

Hear our Voices and VOTE

What happens when a graphic designer, an investment banker, and a psychotherapist get fired up about the upcoming midterm elections? “How can we get the word out to VOTE in the upcoming midterm elections on May 8th?” From that question which arose... Continue Reading →

Mecklenburg County District Attorney Race

by Mary Hopper Mecklenburg County District Attorney Election To Be Decided May 8 Start Studying Up TODAY While the outcome of seven races will, for all intents, be concluded on May 8, the election of Mecklenburg County District Attorney and... Continue Reading →

Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Race

by Mary Hopper NEW SHERIFF TO BE CHOSEN MAY 8 While the outcome of seven races will, for all intents, be concluded on May 8, the election of Mecklenburg County District Attorney (separate article) and Sheriff merit your immediate attention.  ... Continue Reading →

Lillian’s List Challenge!

When We Give Together, We WIN! The committed women and men of the Charlotte Women’s March organization understand that to change the landscape of the North Carolina General Assembly, we must rally around outstanding candidates to donate, volunteer and get... Continue Reading →

We Need YOU

by Mary Hopper Job opportunities for women passionate about issues Looking for a job where passion and enthusiasm count for more than credentials? Better yet, a job that allows you to acquire new skills that might pay off long term? ... Continue Reading →

Power to the (NC) Polls

by Mary Hopper. Rarely has a theme had more relevance than the call for "Power to the Polls.” Before you think, “I vote, so I have that covered," we urge you to dig deeper into what Power to the Polls... Continue Reading →

Betty Chafin Rash Knows the Power of the Polls

Prominent Charlotte civic and political leader Betty Chafin Rash is this week's CWM Woman in the Spotlight. She shared her thoughts on the 2018 political season and how we might plug in, both locally and across the state. Power to... Continue Reading →

We Are Democracy 2018

Looking for new ways to make a difference in Mecklenburg County in 2018? Join us Wednesday, March 7, beginning at 6 p.m. for our We Are Democracy 2018 Mecklenburg County Kickoff in Charlotte (Midwood Cultural Center, 1817 Central Ave., Room 210, Charlotte, NC... Continue Reading →

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