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March for Women’s Health

Join the CWM Women's Health Committee Jane McDermott Shaefer and Mickie Hall are co-chairs of the Women’s Health Committee.  The overarching committee purpose is to support women’s health, specific activities include: Promote reproductive rights, through legislative action on bills at... Continue Reading →

March for Social Justice

#PowertothePolls... what does that mean for the Charlotte Women's March Social Justice Committee in 2018? Kay Etheridge and Laura Meier, Co-Chairs of CWM's Social Justice Committee, will continue building relationships in the community in order to have a diverse force... Continue Reading →

Marching Forward, Never Back

Charlotte Women's March: Year One by Mary Hopper On January 21, 2017, we marched.  Then we got down to work populating eight committees to address pressing issues, building communication channels to keep in touch, linking with over 100 like-minded groups... Continue Reading →

Join The Crowd

SOMETIMES BEING ONE OF THE CROWD IS A GOOD THING Check out the photo gallery from Charlotte's December Celebration of Women Elected to Office Gala, co-sponsored by Charlotte Women's March and Black Women's Caucus.  Read more (below gallery) on how... Continue Reading →

100 Days of MARCHING

One hundred days ago our world changed.  What began on January 21 with marches on Washington and Charlotte has grown into a movement of 600 women and men who are working to effect change. In the last three months, we have... Continue Reading →

An Evening of Effective Activism

By reenacting Sojourner Truth’s famous “Ain’t I a Woman” speech from 1851, Brenda Tindal of the Levine Museum of the New South relayed an inspiring message to Charlotte Women’s March about the power of collective action: “If the first woman... Continue Reading →

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