Imagine a world where patients get to go their doctor’s appointment without someone calling them fornicators and whores at 100 decibels… Can you imagine it??


Here’s how:

Charlotte City Council is considering revising the Noise Ordinance. This ordinance would prohibit the use of amplified sound within 200 feet of any medical facility, place of worship, or school during their posted business hours.

We have an opportunity to stop amplified sound in front of the clinic!

The vote will take place on June 24th.

Here is what you can do right now, today, and yes, this is THE most important thing you can do – protests and whatnot are great, but right now this is where we need you:

Email city council. Here are their e-addresses

Here is your message (LOOK HOW EASY WE MADE IT!!)
Dear City Council Member,

I am emailing to voice my full support of the proposed changes to the Charlotte Noise Ordinance (Ord. No. 4663,1, 5-23-2011). I support prohibiting the use of amplified sound within 200′ of medical facilities, houses of worship and schools, as well as the reduction of noise pollution from construction and increased fines for violators. This prohibition would not infringe upon the right to peaceful protest, and it would increase the quality of life for all citizens of Charlotte.

Thank you for your time.


(your name)

Want to do more? Check out the CWM Facebook page.  In particular, here is one event already scheduled by the Charlotte Reproductive Action Network: Pack The Chamber.

In addition, sign this petition to Charlotte City Council.


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More than a march… it’s a movement

#CharlotteWomensMarch, #BufferZone, #PackTheChamber